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Morgenbachtal, one of the most attractive side valleys of the Rhine, starts directly behind Reichenstein Castle. A well-kept footpath takes hikers along the lower and middle course of the ‘Morgenbach’ stream, leading them away from the Rhine towards the Hunsrück heights. The rocky slopes on the left-hand side of the lower stream are among the most remarkable climbing areas in Rhineland-Palatinate. Three small water falls can be easily accessed from the footpath.


The river flows majestically, linking the valley’s highlights The Rhine is surrounded by exceptional landscapes that have been cultivated for over 2000 years. Alongside the numerous small local cruise companies offering day trips on the Middle Rhine, a new form of Rhine tourism has emerged since 1960 – overnight trips from Rotterdam to Basel in modern cabin vessels.

The legendary Rhine castle trail

The Rhine castle trail takes hikers through the stunning cultivated landscape of the Middle Rhine valley. The trail offers an ideal mix of adventure and tranquillity, covering about 200 kilometres, starting in Rolandsbogen close to Remagen and ending at the Mäuseturm in Bingen. Hikers on the trail can discover the multiple facets of the Rhine’s slate slopes. Breathtaking and varied, the paths wind along the heights and through snug side valleys.